World Net Express George: New Branch Manager Anmar Schoeman

Posted by Maria Hofer

Anmar Schoeman, Branch Manager at the World Net Logistics Express in George, Western Cape, has been in the courier industry for the past thirteen years. Her passion for progress, determination and genuine care for people, have carved each step of the ladder.

Here, Anmar tells us more about her journey to leadership, as well as her mission to expand and develop operations in the region.

How do you keep your team motivated during the most stressful times?

I believe that the key to successful leadership is to have a calm and positive “hands on” involvement in the day-to-day operations and workflow of the branch, rendering my assistance and guidance wherever the need arises. My goal is to manage and structure our objectives diligently and with focus, creating a healthy and neat working environment to motivate and inspire my team to succeed and achieve. I will always strive to create exciting opportunities for my team to grow within the company – being the best at what they do and having pride whilst doing it.

How many years have you spent in the courier industry?

My journey started in 2007. The career decision was a major adjustment for me, as my previous eighteen-year occupation was within a totally different field. Although I had no prior experience within the courier industry, I was determined to embrace each challenge and give it my all. As my life motto goes… you can do anything you put your mind to – with the right attitude and mindset.

What made you choose this field?

I think it’s fair to say that the industry chose me. I knew I would meet many challenges – but with it, reward. I was also looking so forward to a new adventure and saw this as an opportunity for me to expand my professional experience, and to apply the wide variety of skills that I have learned over the years.

What challenges and opportunities do you see for our branch in George?

The George branch is a work in progress – starting off as just a small receiving branch, with minimal focus on sales and growth. My challenge will be to direct and transform the vision to service, optimising the potential there is with our valued existing client base. There really are ample opportunities, for both our existing clients, and onboarding new business.

World Net Express is the courier service division of World Net Logistics and forms the final step in our “one-stop-shop” solution. We offer fast and reliable door-to-door transportation of goods, information and payments through our global network. The Express product includes domestic and international services that are flexible and customisable to meet your specific business needs.

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