Women in Logistics: Laurice Burrell, Africa Development Manager

Posted by Maria Hofer

She loves a good challenge, that is possibly why Laurice Burrell is not just leading one department, but two at World Net Logistics in Johannesburg. One of these departments being the most challenging areas of our business: Africa Development and Projects (ADP). With 11 years of experience in the industry, which 9 of them were in leading positions, Laurice is an inspiration for many of her colleagues.
Not only is she career-driven she is also a mother of two beautiful daughters ages 1 and 8 years.

Why did you choose a job in the logistics industry?

My whole family had always been in logistics and it felt like a stable and challenging field to move into. I really enjoy learning new things and be challenged and due to this industry having so many different aspects and divisions there will always be growth.

Why, in your opinion, are women so underrepresented in leading roles in our industry?

Logistics is not the typical sector you would find yourself in as a young woman. Overall, there are not enough females in our industry, which results in underrepresentation in leaders.
It is on all of us to promote Logistics within the upcoming generations and we can focus on the success stories of the women in the industry to allow girls to identify more with the sector.

Being a mum of two is a job on its own. Tell us your secret, how are you able to balance between your job and family life?

Lots of work when the babies go to sleep at night…smile.
But seriously giving 100% focus when you are at work to your staff and clients allows me to reach my goals daily and allows me the time, I need to watch my girls grow when its home time.
A healthy work-life balance is key to be happy and successful in both roles. I have a very strong and driven team of which we all share the same goals, therefore achieving them daily is easy with them behind me making it happen.

Since the world is facing a pandemic, there is a lot of talk about the benefits of having a female leader. Are there any characteristics, you feel make women good leaders?

In general, I believe that the time you spend on developing your leadership skills is more crucial than your gender. However, being born with a nurturing nature can be beneficial for our ability to lead.
It feels normal to spend time on the growth of our team members, and guide individuals to develop their own skills. The better you equip your team, the better the outcome.

If you can give some advice to the future generation of female leaders in Logistics?

It will always be tough and there will always be challenges that you feel are too much for you. Just know no matter how big or small the problem there is always learning from it which guides you to make better and more accurate decisions in the future which will help you grow into a successful leader.
Logistics is unpredictable but as long as you face the challenges head-on as soon as they arise – there is nothing you can’t fix. Lead from the front always.

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